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Training Gun Dogs with Delmar Smith: Volume 1 Yard & Field Training

  • Learn the tried-and-true old school dog training techniques from the grandfather of hunting dog training and Field Trial Hall of Fame member, Delmar Smith. Delmar is the father of Rick Smith, the uncle of Ronnie Smith, and is the foundation of their HuntSmith dog training techniques. Delmar takes us back before the days of the e-collar and shows us how to effectively train dogs with the Wonder Lead (also known as the Command Lead or Wonder String), leather pinch collar, the check cord and the whoa post. Sons Tom and Rick help Delmar introduce 8 week old puppies to the field and demonstrates how a chain gang or stakeout chain can be used as a training aid. Delmar teaches us how to train the "heel" and "whoa" commands among others and gives us some drills to teach steadiness on point and marking downed birds. This is a dog training classic and a must-have DVD for those who collect pointing dog instructional videos. 60 minutes run time.

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