Thunder 500 Launcher

  • The smallest, most economical 5-shot launcher on the planet! This is the easiest to operate multiple shot launcher on the market and is made from the highest quality industrial materials and components to withstand the demands of outdoor field use and provides years of maintenance free service. It can be reloaded in less than 5 seconds and requires no carrying case to move or store. Just fold the bipod legs into the body and carry on your shoulder or vehicle.

    The launcher is made from 100% solid aluminum sheeting and powder coated. Being fully enclosed shields it from dust, debris, mud, weeds etc. that are encountered in a normal days training. It will reliably launch bumpers in any temperature between 25-100 degrees F. The Thunder 500 produces a sound designed to replicate a shotgun. The unit takes about 2 minutes to set-up initially and the Thunder 500’s power source is a safe and economical MAAP gas that is readily available at most home supply stores. Expect about 600 launches per gas cylinder.

    NOTE: The Thunder 500 requires launcher electronics from Tritronics or Dogtra and are sold separately. New units shipped with 5 white/black bumpers. Additional bumpers sold separately.

    Note - Launcher is drop shipped from the manufacturer. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery from when you place your order