"The Answer" Orange Competition Mega Whistle

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  • SportDOG Brand "The Answer" Orange Competition Mega Whistle

    The SportDOG Brand® Answer Whistle uses the Clear Competition Whistle without a pea for a high, shrill, penetrating tone for the most demanding conditions. The Answer Whistle protects the handler's ears by directing the whistle's sound forward.

    The whistle is high-pitched with a penetrating tone that is amplified by the megaphone. Although the whistle is very loud, the megaphone directs the sound away from you and towards the dog. The pealess feature eliminates the cold weather freezing and sticking that happens in whistles with peas. Constructed with high-density blaze orange plastic.

    Key Features:
    • Easy-to-blow design
    • Directs sound forward to protect handler's ears
    • High-pitched sound
    • No trill, pealess design
    • Won't freeze

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