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SportDOG ProHunter 2525 Remote Training System

  • Traditional SportDOG design meets updated technology in the SportDOG ProHunter 2525. With a 2 mile range and expandable up to 6 dogs, this is the remote training system for demanding users such as professional trainers and hunting guides with long ranging beagles, hounds and pointers. Fully waterproof, so go ahead and send your hard-charging versatile dog in on a water retrieve with confidence. You’ll have no problem going out all day with the 40-60 hour battery life with both the transmitter and collar on full charge, quickly recharging to full power in 2 hours thanks to lithium-ion technology. This package not only comes with your standard Owner’s Guide/Operating Manual, but also includes a Behavior and Training Guide booklet by Charles Jurney with Rick Smith and Tom Dokken and a Basic Training DVD featuring Charles Jurney, Rick Smith, Tom Dokken and Chris Akin.


    The classic model transmitter functions similarly to SportDOG’s traditional remote training systems: intensity dial at the very top of the unit next to the antenna, up/down toggle switch at the top front and three control buttons with the top-middle-bottom layout that makes them easy to find and press even with gloves on. 18 levels of stimulation are available to totally customize the system to the dog’s sensitivity and the training or hunting situation involved. Each of the three stimulation intensities, low-medium-high, have a 1-9 intensity scale within them that is controlled by the easy-grip dial at the top of the unit. 17 programmable modes are available. 12 of them are for 1-2 dog control and include both momentary and continuous stimulations, along with no-stimulation tone and vibrate. The 3 modes for 3 dogs and 2 modes for 4-6 dogs allow you to use continuous high stimulation, along with either tone or vibrate. For multiple hunters or trainers with long distances between one another while managing the same dogs, there is a programmable code function that allows multiple transmitters to control the same collar(s).

    • Completely waterproof and submersible to 25 feet.
    • Lithium-ion battery with 3-5 year total life span, user replaceable
    • Low battery and battery charge full indicator lights
    • Includes wall charger

    Receiver Collar:
    The redesigned low profile receiver with built-in antenna has its own stimulation intensity control (low, medium, high) that can increase or decrease the level given from the transmitter, for even more options in customizing your system. This rugged molded case has been extensively field tested and is capable of withstanding all hunting conditions.

    • Completely waterproof and submersible to 25 feet.
    • Lithium-ion battery with 3-5 year total life span, user replaceable
    • LED and battery charge level indicator light, also used when testing and programming
    • Short and long stimulation probes for dog’s coat length
    • 3/4 inch wide and 23 inch long adjustable black collar strap
    • Includes wall charger and charging cradle

    Purchase additional SportDOG Add-a-Dog Collars to expand this 1-dog unit to up to 6 dogs (additional chargers are included with additional collars): SportDOG 2525 Extra Collar



    Does beeper work without the receiver being on the collar?
    Yes, the beeper can work remotely without the receiver being on the collar.
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