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Shed Hunting Genuine Shed Antler

  • Dokken Genuine Shed Antler

    Train you shed hunting dog with the real thing, perfect for the final stages of training. The Dokken Genuine Shed Antler is a large real antler with natural scent. To enhance the natural scent of this product we recommend using Dokken’s Rack Wax.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Real Large Shed Antler
    • Natural scent
    • Makes for realistic training


    The Dokken Genuine Shed Antler is intended to be used as a training aid for experienced shed hunting dogs. This shed can be used for blind staged retrieves, retrieves thrown into cover, and simple insight retrieves used to build the eagerness of the shed dog.

    For beginner dogs, we recommend starting them with the Dog Bone Rubber Antler Dummy, available in white and brown. Using the Rubber Antler Dummy can prevent beginner dogs from getting injured by the antler points and allows them to learn the correct angles to retrieve the antler.

    Note: Due to international shipping restrictions, we will be unable to ship this product outside of the United States.

    Good products to purchase with the Dokken Genuine Shed Antler:

    Dokken Rack Wax: This wax is made of real antler and deer hair and is applied to training dummies and genuine antlers as an natural scent enhancer.

    Dokken Rack Wash: This wash is used to remove traces of human scent from training dummies and genuine antlers to remove the possibility of your shed dog learning to retrieve the human scent and not the actual shed antler scent.

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