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Predator Tactics Key-ed-Up Pup - Pup Distress Predator Call

  • Keyed-up Open Reed Pup Distress Call by Predator Tactics

    The Keyed-Up Pup by Predator Tactics is an Open Reed Distress Call that produces very realistic coyote pup distress sounds. This is the call that is favored by several of us here at Predator Tactics. It is proven to be very effective in the field and is easy to operate. Can also be used as a young cottontail distress predator call.


    • Compact Pup Distress Open Reed Predator Call
    • Precision CNC Machined
    • Durable and Reliable
    • Easy to Operate

    Products Spec:

    • Barrel is made from machine grade polycarbonate
    • Tone Board is made from high quality Delrin
    • Reed is cut from Mylar
    • 3.9 Inches Long

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