OnX Hunt Premium Map Card

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  • OnX Hunt Premium Map Card

    Pack the only map that installs confidence in the backcountry and experience more successful hunts. Available for over 35 states, the onX Hunt Chip gives the most up-to-date and accurate land ownership available for a GPS. The onX Hunt Chip also comes with a one year onX Hunt Premium membership.

    Package Includes:

    MicroSD Chip: This microSD Chip gives you a color-coded map showing public & private land boundaries with landowner names, hunting areas, 24k topo, roads, trails, and much more. Simply plug the microSD Chip into your compatible Garmin GPS to get instant access to hunting map data statewide.

    Mobile App: The perfect compliment to any Hunt Chip, yet powerful enough to stand on its own. Learn how to access difficult to reach hunting areas, find out who owns the property you have always dreamed about exploring, and hunt like a pro with up-to-date property boundaries.

    Private and Public Land Ownership

    Private Land Ownership: Hunt and hike with confidence by always knowing where you are with clearly marked private property boundaries.

    Public Land Ownership: Find out exactly how far you can chase that buck with color coded public property shades and clear boundary lines.

    State Specific Hunting Data and 24 Topography:

    Hunting Areas: Navigate through game management units, wildlife production areas, and hunting districts with defined unit boundaries.

    Public Access Lands: See private lands open to public hunting including Walk-In Areas, Access Yes!, Nature Conservancy, timber companies, and many more.

    24 Topography: Utilize the highest level of topographic detail to give you a clear understanding of your surroundings.

    Roads, Trails, and Points of Interest:

    Roads: Get off the pavement with a detailed map of Forest, Service, logging, and other dirt roads.

    Trails: Find a new trail to explore with a comprehensive list of trail names and numbers statewide.

    POIs: Quickly find campsites, boat ramps/launchers, fishing access, wilderness areas, trailheads, wildlife viewing areas, and more.


    • Garmin Alpha 100
    • Garmin Astro 220
    • Garmin Astro 320
    • Garmin Astro 430
    • Garmin Montana Series
    • Garmin Oregon Series
    • Garmin Rino Series
    • Garmin eTrex

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