Lovetts Low Tone Hawk Beeper

  • Lovetts Low Tone Hawk Beeper

    This "Six in One" Low Tone Hawk beeper can be programmed for regular, grouse, point only, and you can add a hawk scream for the point signal. It can also be programmed to eliminate the point signal altogether and will beep every 4 or 8 seconds for keeping track of non-pointing breeds.

    The most popular timing sequence is 8 seconds between run beeps and 8 seconds delay (from the time the dog stops) until the beeper changes rhythm. This is because the longer delay to point allows the dog to piddle a little without the hunter hearing too many false point beeps. When programmed in grouse mode, the run beep intervals and the delay to point are shortened to 4 seconds. Most grouse cover is thicker and some hunters like to keep closer track of their dog and less silence helps you do that.

    The Low Tone Hawk beeper allows you to program the unit to a combination regular or grouse model which is either 8 seconds between run beeps and a 4 second delay to point, or 4 seconds between run signals and an 8 second delay to point (refer to programming instructions).

    You can also program this beeper collar to use the point only feature allowing the user to shut off the running signals. The only time the beeper will sound is if the dog is still for 4 or 8 seconds which ever you choose. When you use this feature it allows the use of a bell in combination with the beeper.

    Birds will hold tighter when they hear the hawk scream and can be very useful when teaching the "whoa" command. Dogs will quickly learn the difference between the sound of the hawk scream and a beep much easier than just changing intervals of the same tone of beeps. When used along with the "whoa" training, the hawk scream mean the same to the dog as a verbal "whoa" command, making the birds hold tighter and the dog more dependable.

    The Low Tone Hawk beeper emits a low pitched sound and its decibel output is higher as well. These two features combined make it so that nearly everyone, especially people that have a hard time hearing high pitched sounds, can hear this beeper.

    Low Tone Hawk Beeper Features

    • Coin operated on/off switch molded in the side to eliminate accidental turn offs. Can be turned on or off in the field without turn on plugs or magnets.
    • Speaker is mounted on the collar to ride on top of the dog's neck. This will make the beeper easier to be heard by the hunter, easier on the dog's ears and will help keep it out of mud and snow.
    • Sealed battery compartment.
    • For convenience of programming in the field, abbreviated instructions are printed on the bottom of the battery cover.
    • If two dogs are put on the ground at the same time, it is easy to set the beepers on different programs to distinguish between the dogs.
    • The entire case is made of molded polyurethane. It has no sharp edges to cut or bruise the dog. It is completely waterproof.
    • The beeper is mounted on a water repellant duralon collar that is soil and odor resistant. The hunter orange collar has high visibility. The collar can be cut and holes added without burning or melting like conventional nylon.