LCS Hi-Vis O-Ring Safety Collar and Light Combo

  • Our LCS Hi-Vis Safety Collar/Light System dramatically enhances the visibility of your dog in low-light conditions increasing their safety. We've found it a great tool whenever you running dogs in low light conditions. This outfit is perfect when running hounds at night, coming out of the field at dusk when near roads, or just trying to keep track of your dog in the back yard on a dark night.

    Our System begins with a 1" wide LCS DayGlo collar with a 1/2" wide highly reflective strip permanently bonded to the collar. These strips are incredibly brilliant when headlights or flashlights shine anywhere in the area of your dog, and they are especially eye-catching as your dog moves. Additionally, we add a SportDOG Safety Light to the collar strap (in a matching color) for light in any situation. These lights offer LED brightness and remarkable battery longevity and can be set in flashing or constant-on mode with the press of a button. They are absolutely waterproof and highly shock resistant.

    We use these collar/light combos ourselves and think you will find them invaluable as well. The collars are 1" wide, available in D-ring or O-ring, and sizes 13", 15", 17", 19", and 21" Color choices include: orange, blue, green, black, red, or yellow. We will match the color of your Hi-Vis Collar Strap to the color of your Tracker Flash Light - black collars will receive a white light.

    We feel our LCS Safety Collar/Light System is very functional and will help ensure your dog's safety in the field. We personally use and highly recommend them.



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