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LCS Eyewear Upland Hunter

    • Both packages are delivered in a durable hard case with a microber cleaning pouch.
    • All lenses block 100% of harmful UV light and are impact resistant.
    • The Frame and Lenses are covered under our Lifetime Warranty.

    If anything happens to your sunglasses, just send them back to Prato with a $10.00 check and
    they will repair or replace them. WOW! NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


    Lens 1.) Dark Gray Polarized: Use in bright conditions with high sun and
    blue sky. Great when foliage is light in color and all other conditions
    affected by reflected glare. Additional uses include driving
    your car and fishing.

    Lens 2.) High Contrast Orange: Use in medium conditions, especially
    when there is heavy cover. We add a blue _ash mirror to the orange
    base tint to heighten contrast allowing you to quickly center on the
    bird. Can also be worn in bright conditions if wearing a hat.

    Lens 3.) Light Yellow- Use in early morning/evening and all other low-light
    conditions. this blue-blocking lens tint improves contrast, highlighting
    the bird against most background colors.

    Lens 4.) Dark Gray Polarized w/Bifocal - The same lens color as the polarized
    lens above but includes a bifocal in the bottom of the lens for
    reading and up-close vision needs. The Bifocal in integral to the
    lens and will not crack or rub off with use.


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