Hound Warmer Deluxe

  • This Hound Warmer 12-volt Heating Pad is big enough for any size dog, but small enough to allow them to move off it in most travel kennels. Because it only draws 15-watts of power, you can safely use it all night long. Once plugged in, it quickly reaches 105-108 degrees Fahrenheit and continues to maintain that temperature. The heating pad comes with a 14-foot heavy duty cord that plugs into a wall outlet or cigarette plug.

    Dimensions - 11" x 22" with 14 ft. heavy duty cord.
    Power Requirements - 12V, 15W, 2A

    The Hound Warmer doesn't get hot to the touch like a traditional heating pad. It is a warming pad designed to keep your dog comfortable while travelling or overnight without using a lot of energy. Leaving the pad in the open air will allow the heat to dissipate. When your dog lays on the pad, the trapped heat will build up to a veterinary recommended temperature of 110 degrees.