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Home Dog

  • The #1 training DVD for your family pet.

    Home Dog: Volume 1 Puppy Training

    From the producers of Water Dog, Gun Dog and Game Dog


    Everything you need to know for the first six months of your dog's life! An instructional dvd using the Rapid and Revolutionary Training Methods, proven since 1961.

    From the producers who brought you the time-proven dog training classics such as Water Dog, Gun Dog and Game Dog, we now present a new and updated series of working dog training DVDs. Home Dog is for the enthusiastic dog owner who wants to have the ultimate household companion and family pet. Trainer WILL PRICE takes you through the essential steps of training your new puppy over the first six months of life. Will's training methods work for all breeds and are based on the same critical learning periods and methods outlined by renowned dog trainer Richard A. Wolters and trusted by owners and trainers since the 1960's. Through the general obedience program, we'll take you through the vital steps to establish a well-behaved member of your family.

    By consistently dedicating just 15 minutes a day while following the simple instructions presented in Home Dog, your pet will quickly learn to:

    • Go to the bathroom outside every time
    • Kennel on command
    • Stop barking when told
    • Bite / Chew appropriate toys only
    • Walk or run at your side while on a leash
    • Sit, stay, and come immediately when called


    Will's training methods are easy to follow and will ensure you get the most out of the time you spend training your pet.

    WILL PRICE: Owner of Price Farm Kennels

    "I can't imagine a better training video. It's easy, practical and effective." - The American Hunter Magazine

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