Garmin Tempe Wireless Temperature Sensor

  • Garmin Tempe Wireless Temperature Sensor

    Transmit ambient temperature data wirelessly to your device with the Tempe external wireless temperature sensor.

    Summer training means warm weather – even early morning and late night drills can be warm this time of year. Keeping your dog’s cool and comfortable isn’t just a good idea; it can be a matter of life or death. So make sure you keep your dogs hydrated, train near water whenever possible, and give them frequent breaks.

    Today, there’s something more you can do to keep an eye on your dogs' well-being. The Garmin Tempe is an inexpensive way to monitor the ambient temperature in your dogs’ crates, kennels, and trailers. Just pair it to your Astro 430, Alpha 100, Alpha 200i, or other compatible Garmin device, and you’ll instantly know how hot (or cold) your dog’s environment is.

    Once your handheld is updated and your unit is paired, you’ll need to experiment to determine the best place to mount the Tempe, since the wireless signal can be significantly degraded through metal or glass. Once you find a position that works (and a place that isn’t easily pawed by your dog), simply affix the transmitter with a small piece of all-weather double-stick foam tape.

    Compatible with:

    • Garmin Alpha 100
    • Garmin Alpha 200
    • Garmin Alpha 200i
    • Garmin Alpha 300
    • Garmin Alpha 300i
    • Garmin Astro 320
    • Garmin Astro 430
    • Garmin Alpha 10
    • Garmin Fenix Series Watches
    • Garmin Instinct Series Watches

    Garmin Tempe Battery Life

    Up to one (1) year battery life.


    How long is the battery life of the Garmin Tempe?

    The battery life is up to one (1) year.

    What devices will the Garmin Tempe work with?

    Will work with most Garmin GPS’S and other Garmin compatible products.

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