Garmin Astro 24K Topo Map

  • Now available for your Astro handheld are highly detailed 24K topo maps. These 24K maps include highly detailed topography, roads, trails, national, state, and BLM land boundaries, and detail down to the smallest streams, and provide a higher level of detail of topographic information on your handheld.

    Choose by region - Northeast, West, North Central, Northwest, Mountain North, Mountain South, Mountain Central, Northern Plains, Texas, Central Plains, Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast.

    Note - It is important to understand how the 24K topo works. When you purchase this option, you will receive a card with a unique access code. You then connect your handheld to a desktop computer using the USB cable supplied with your Astro, and go to the Garmin website. You will be able to select one region to be downloaded onto a BLANK micro SD card of 3GB or larger (do not load onto a micro sd card that already contains information!). The download will take about 1-2 hours.
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