Garmin Alpha 100 with TT15X Collar Bundle

  • Track your dog's position in almost any terrain with the Garmin Alpha 100/TT15X Bundle. Top-mounted, high-sensitivity GPS antenna improves performance via an integrated GLONASS positioning system. 18 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation, plus vibration or tone alerts make this the perfect training collar. The Alpha 100 tracks up to nine miles away, sending precise locations every two-and-a-half seconds to your hand-held. The Alpha 100 is compatible with TT10, TT15, TT15X, T5, and T5X collars to track up to 20 dogs. Preloaded TOPO U.S. 100K maps along with a One-year subscription to Birds Eye™ Satellite Imagery features enhanced image qualities and significantly better download performance. An electronic compass and barometric altimeter measure each dog's speed, distance and direction being traveled, as well as send notifications when your dog is moving or on point. Three-inch color touch-screen display gives you a large viewing area for easy monitoring. LED beacon lights for low-light use are visible from up to 100 yards away. Rescue mode changes the update rate to every two minutes once power levels drop below 25 percent, extending battery life and giving you 12 hours to find a lost dog. Emergency Alert lets you send your location to other Alpha users within the area. Two lengths of removable, stainless steel insulated contact points provide reliable performance in wet conditions. The Hand-held has a waterproof rating of 3 feet, while the collar is rated at 32 feet.

    Garmin Alpha 100 HandHeld Features and Details


    • Side power button location
    • Ability to track both TT15, TT15X, T5, T5X, TT15 Mini, and T5 Mini tracking collars
    • 8.0 GB of internal memory
    • Tracks up to 20 dogs and/or handhelds simultaneously
    • Up to 9 miles of handheld-to-collar reception (line of sight)
    • MURS frequency band
    • Comes with 1-year subscription to Garmin’s Birdseye Satellite Imagery
    • Pre-installed 100k topo map of the United States
    • Wireless communication settings, dog transfers, emergency alerts

      Garmin TT15X Tracking Collar Features:

      • Top-mounted, high sensitivity, GLONASS-enabled satellite receiver
      • 22.5” braided-steel antenna, with an 18.5” antenna available as an option
      • Remotely operated LED beacon lights
      • Ability to track on the Garmin Alpha 100, Garmin Alpha 200, Garmin Alpha 200i, Garmin Alpha 10, and Garmin Astro 430.
      • Adjustable stimulation prongs
      • 18 levels of stimulation as well as audible tone and vibration mode
      • User-configurable Bark Detection
      • User-configurable Rescue Mode to extend battery life
      • Updates dog positions every 2.5, 5, 10, 30, or 120 seconds
      • Easy-to-replace 27”x 1” collar strap (no tools needed)
      • Extreme waterproofing up to 32 feet
      • Rechargeable, replaceable Lithium-Ion Battery


      Garmin Alpha 100 TT15 System Battery Life

      Alpha 100 HandHeld

      • The Garmin Alpha 100 GPS runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack the run time with normal use is between 10-20 hours. This can be prolonged indefinably if the unit is plugged in while riding in a vehicle.

      TT15 Battery Life:

      • Battery life on the Garmin Alpha TT15X Track and Train collar can vary greatly depending on the update rate used as well as if Rescue Mode has been activated or not. In our own experience with the TT15, on a 10-second update with Rescue Mode turned on we see about 80 hours of run time.
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