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Finished Dog - Charles Jurney - Dog Training Book

  • Finished Dog: A complete training manual for the finished hunting retriever

    A manual created by Charles Jurney to walk you through the steps and tips on how to make the perfect retriever. 352 pgs.

    This manual takes you on a journey as Charles Jurney teaches you the step-by-step on what he believes is a finished dog. Charles explains in his words how he trains his canines through learning, conditioning, and challenges as well as when you introduce your pups to collars and leashes. Charles even goes the extra mile and displays diagrams and mapping on how the pup will run during training with accurate angling and distancing. Charles provides pointers and tips for readers such as ways to receive a high score in noncompetitive tests for running not only marks, but on blinds as well, and helpful mentions for questions such as 'How do I correct a pup's wrong cast'. Charles provides 351 pages of thorough information that'll teach any trainer regardless of experience how to turn your dog into a perfect retriever.

    40 Chapters 341 Pages

    A Little about Charles Jurney

    As quoted by Steven Smith, the Editor of The Retriever Journal, Charles Jurney is one of those maddening individuals we run across from time to time in life. He is one of those types of people that the rest of us wish we were like. He entered the dog training field with his unique techniques that have proven to be very effective over time. Charles not only tells you to handle training your dog but shows you as well with examples such as using diagrams and explaining the step-by-step process. Charles has also written in top-flight dog magazines and starred in multiple videos.

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