EMT Gel Tube

  • EMT Gel Tube - 1 Ounce Tube

    Dog First Aid in a convenient tube! This revolutionary breakthrough in wound care technology quickly reduces bleeding and forms a protective barrier over open wounds to promote rapid healing. It uses natural hydrolysate Type I collagen to catalyst new cell grown that heals cuts, deep wounds, burns and dermatological conditions. It acts as a tissue adhesive, helps to prevent bacterial infection and reduces pain, itching, hot spots and the potential of scarring. EMT Gel is able to conform to any size wound and protects new tissue. It is safe and non-toxic. 4" tube 1 oz.

    EMT Gel can be used for the safe management of wounds caused by:
    • Barbed wire cuts
    • Hot spots
    • Scratches and abrasions
    • Gunshot wounds (hunting accidents)
    • Clipping nicks
    • Heat injuries
    • Injured pads
    • Surgical incisions and more

    Directions for usage:
    • Cleanse wound thoroughly with water or saline.
    • Apply EMT® Gel directly into the wound and onto the surrounding area.
    • If needed, cover wound with a non-stick dressing (Telfa®). Allow to air dry on superficial wounds.
    • Reapply EMT® Gel and redress daily (if needed).

    • Type I hydrolyzed collagen
    • Purified Water
    • U.S.P.
    • Collascent