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DT Systems SuperPro Remote Dummy Launcher and Receiver Only

  • D.T. Systems SUPER-PRO Remote Dummy Launcher - RDL 1205

    This is the Add-On Model of the Remote Dummy Launcher System. This item will NOT include a Transmitter/Remote control and is only intended as an additional remote launcher for your existing system. Up to 16 Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher systems can be programmed on one Transmitter/Remote Control.

    • This is the Add-On Model (NO Transmitter/Remote control included)
    • Remotely launch dummies from any training area, field, woods, or water
    • Remote Dummy Launcher is programmable to include up to 16 units (for multiple launch set-ups)
    • Set the Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher up where you want, and launch from any location (up to 1,200 yards away)
    • The launcher uses .22 blank power loads
    • 3 different power levels for desired launch distances (Green=50 yards, Yellow=75 yards, Red=100 yards)
    • Remote Transmitter can control up to 16 different launchers at one time
    • Add-On remote launchers are easy to program for the transmitter
    • Safe-T-Ratchet Cocking Mechanism to help prevent misfires while cocking unit
    • Compact, lightweight, portable design (weighs around 8 lbs total)
    • Rugged and durable construction (made from Aluminum and Stainless Steel) for years of trouble-free use
    • Unit includes a beeper for easy location in the field, and as a location indicator before launch
    • Easily adjustable launch angle from 0 degrees to 75 degrees
    • Transmitter (Remote) has Cross-compatibility with D.T Bird Launchers
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