Dogtra T&B Dual 2-Dog with DryMate Gun Mat

  • Dogtra T&B Dual 2-Dog System with Free Drymate Gun Cleaning Mat

    For a limited time, while supplies last, get a free Drymate Gun Cleaning Mat with the purchase of select Dogtra E-Collar Systems. Offer valid from 11/15/2021 to 11/20/2021, or until sold out.

    Drymate Gun Cleaning Mat

    Protect firearms and surfaces from scratches and spills during cleaning with the Drymate Gun Cleaning Pad. Made of a soft, felt-like material, the Drymate Gun Cleaning Pad prevents scratches to your firearms while cleaning. Super absorbent with a waterproof backing, this mat contains spilled cleaners and solvents, keeping them away from your firearms and protecting surfaces below. Select sizes are available with a magnetic bowl to keep small parts in place and easy to find.

    Dogtra T&B Dual 2-Dog System

    The expandable DUAL DIAL transmitter of the T&B comes with an OLED screen and two sets of the Rheostat Dial and buttons dedicated to each collar, which allows seamless and effective operation of the collars without switching the stimulation levels back and forth. The receiver of the T&B DUAL has a unique single-body receiver/beeper horn to eliminate the bulkiness and enhance the durability. It is equipped with the Accelerometer sensor for the most accurate motion detection of the Beeper Modes for Point-Only and Run/Point. 


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