D.T. Systems S.P.O.T

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  • The S.P.O.T. Plus™ (Signaling . Protecting. Obedience.Trainer.)Just as the name suggests, The S.P.O.T. Plus was designed to signal you, and others, to let you know of the whereabouts of your dog. In the morning and evening hours when you are frequently out walking your dog the outside light is not always so good. With DT Systems Night Sight™ (L.E.D.) Illumination technology with super bright (44 Lumen total output) LED lighting and a reflective collar strap make your dog highly visible and easy to see. The S.P.O.T. Plus™ features D.T. Systems' own Vibration Assist™ Technology to help train your dog with a vibrating collar option that gets your dog's attention and greatly aids in training sessions.


    • 900 Yard (1/2 Mile) Range
    • D.T. Systems "Night Sight" LED Technology
    • 44 Lumens total light output with Blinking/Strobe feature
    • 16 intensity levels of Nick and Continuous stimulations
    • Positive Vibration™
    • MAXX-Range 360™ Internal Collar Antenna System
    • Built-in Magnetic ON/OFF system.
    • Rechargeable and Completely Waterproof Collars
    • Weatherproof Transmitters with No-Slip/Soft-Grip rubber coating
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