ConQuest Training Scents

  • Conquest BirdDown Dog Training Scents

    Conquest Scents have taken dog training scents up to the highest performance level. The Conquest BirdDown Training Scents formula lasts longer through training sessions on land, water, and all weather conditions. 

    The Conquest training scents are made from 100% all-natural oils from your selected game. The training scents last longer for training sessions from the wax stick formula being water and saliva-resistant. Apply to training dummy or make scent trails by applying to dragline or bush.

    No Spills, No Leaks, No Mess, and Weather Resistant

    The wax-stick formula prevents spilling, accidental leaks in your pocket or backpacks, and a mess that can end up on your fingers. One of the advantages of wax is that the scent won't wash away in the rain or dew like a liquid scent.

    No Preservatives

    Bottled scent requires preservatives. ConQuest's stick formula requires no preservatives - you get a 100% pure, unpreserved scent! It will not break down in temperatures less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Size: 2.5-ounce stick

    UPC: 94922118271

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