Certifect Tick Prevention

  • Certifect, from the manufacturer of Frontline, is the newest and most powerful tool we have seen in the battle against ticks and fleas. If you are running your dogs in areas heavily infested with ticks and/or fleas and have found other topical products are falling short of your expectations, this is a product you should try! It works to repel and kill fleas but is especially effective in killing ticks.

    Certifect utilizes the same highly effective ingredients found in Frontline and adds a new powerful ingredient - amitraz. This addition results in a product that provides faster and dramatically sustained killing power against ticks. Certifect will begin killing ticks within 6 hours & most will be dead within 18 hours. Furthermore, it is the only topical tick product that forces ticks to detach from an infected host. Like Frontline, Certificet provides complete flea control by destroying the flea life cycle by killing adult fleas as well as flea eggs and larvae. Certificet also kills chewing lice and can also be used to control sarcoptic mange infestations.

    Twenty-four hours after applied it will become waterproof & your dog can swim or bathe without impeding Certifect's effectiveness. One application lasts for 30 days & we offer a choice of three or six-month dosages.

    Please select the dosage according to your dog’s weight:
    Small: 2-22 lbs
    Medium: 23-44 lbs
    Large: 45-88 lbs
    X-Large: 89-132 lbs

    Certifiect can be used on breeding, pregnant, and nursing dogs as well as puppies (5 lb. minimum) 8 weeks or older. Certificet is only for dogs. Studies showed no adverse effects in cats sharing households with treated dogs.

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