Alpha 100 Glow in the Dark Case

  • Alpha 100 Protective Glow Covers

    The bright color of this protective case makes finding a dropped Alpha easier. The case gloves are in the dark as well, glowing for several hours before needing to "charge", perfect for finding a handheld dropped at night.

    The cover also included gripped sides, allowing for better handling of the handheld.

    The cover includes a small opening at the bottom which allows the use of the Alpha’s lanyard clip, so you can still use your Outdoor Dog Supply lanyard with this cover. An additional lanyard/sling connector is located at the top of the case, near the antenna opening for additional carrying options.


    • Available in Glow Orange
    • Raised side “grip” pattern
    • The marked and functional power button on the side
    • The entire screen area remains visible while in cover
    • Front buttons are covered to eliminate water, dust, dirt, debris, and mud from entering
    • All buttons are marked and remain fully functional
    • Opening at the bottom provides access to Alpha’s included lanyard clip
    • Additional lanyard/sling connector at top of the case
    • Back opening allows access to Alpha’s belt clip and charging connections
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