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    With a longer chain and stronger snaps than the rest, the LCS Better Stake Out is the best one dog stake-out on the market. Tested at field trials, hunt tests, hunting camps and back yards across the country to contain your dog safely in a specified location. This 30 inch long and 3/4 inch diameter cold rolled steel dog stake-out is made to hold, especially in loose and sandy soil even with strong dogs. The blaze orange powder coating is scratch resistant. Your dog will have plenty of room to move on the tangle-proof arm that rotates 360 degrees with 40 inches of heavy duty welded link chain. The Italian brass snaps can take years of tugging without fail. The loop on the rotating arm serves as a handle for easy removal from the ground when it is time to pack up.

    Need a dog stake-out for hard and rocky soil? Try the LCS Better Stake-Out Small.

    If you don’t like chain, we recommend our LCS EZ clean Stake-Out cable. This is a polyurethane coated high strength cable that is perfect for smaller dogs and is easy to clean. 3 foot total length.

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    How do I get the Better Stake-out into the ground?
    We recommend using a hammer to drive the Better Stake Out into the ground.

    How does the Better Stake-out keep from tangling?
    The Better Stake-out has a rotating clasp that travels with your dog eliminating the chain form wrapping around the pole.

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