Vetercyn Eye Gel - Staff Review

September 30, 2013 1 min read

VEWLast evening when I was running my hounds one of my youngsters took a stick to her eye, this morning it was plastered shut and looked very uncomfortable. I looked in my dog box to see what I had that may help and came up with my handy little bottles of Vetercyn Eye Wash, and the Vetercyn Opthalamic Eye Gel. After rinsing the eye with the eyewash, I did not see anything foreign come out, I applied the gel. I put a dab of the VEG in her eye 4-5 times throughout the day and just now when I went out to check on her, she is looking at me with both eyes! It actually looks like she will be able to get after it again this evening. I will never leave home without it again. The small bottles are very easy to slip into my dog running vest or a jacket pocket. While the price may seem a bit steep, the 1.5 oz. bottle goes a long way and seems to provide excellent relief of the burning and itching that comes with a scratch to the eyeball, while remaining steroid and antibiotic free.

VEGThe gel is also good for any seeds or chaff that may get in the eye, as it will lubricate the eye enough to help it work its way out when the dogs natural tears are not enough.

-Andy Purnell, LCS Customer Service

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