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    July 08, 2014 1 min read

    Hot weather coming on means we need to keep our dogs as comfortable as possible. I have a couple of the Cool Pup crate fans that hook on the door of my Owens dog box. The fan runs off 2 D-cell batteries that last me the whole summer. I am very pleased with the amount of air these little fans move. I can have my hounds in the box with the fans on and never have to worry about them overheating. Another thing I do if we are in an area that is short on trees is use a couple of the camouflage umbrellas and I make my own shade. It works great to keep the dogs rested and ready for their cast. When the temps are high, I want to keep water in the box but have always had a problem with it getting spilled. Now that we have the buddy bowls, I do not have that worry. I can leave the buddy bowl in while driving and no longer need to worry about my cedar ribbons getting wet. The water will never slosh over the sides of the bowl.

    -Andy Purnell, LCS Customer Service


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