Shed Hunting Antler Retriever Kit - Review

February 10, 2014 1 min read


Shed Hunting Antler Retreiver Kit

This Shed Hunters Kitis a great starter kitfor you and your dog. It comes with a rubber dummy antler and a bottle of real shed antler scent. My dog is 6 months old and the antler is slightly big but allows him to get used to the size and weight, plus the antler is soft rubber so if he pokes his eye or anything it does not hurt. I started off just throwing it to him in the house and outsideto condition andteach him to bring it back to me consistently. It is white and shows quite well when I start hiding them in the brush for him to find. The antler scent is a must have so the pup gets to use his nose as much as his eyes. It has a rope on it to make it easier to throw. The only thing I don't like about it is thatif your dogchews on it for a period of time, the tips will crack and break off. This kit is coupled with the Shed Antler book which contains many useful tips soyou will be in the woods training in no time!

-Jim Schrock, LCS Shipping

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