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  • My Dog, Ranger

    May 12, 2014 2 min read

    Jim here? from the LCS Shipping Department! Some of you may not know but my dog, Ranger, is a recognized service dog with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the US Army. I am a Combat-Wounded Iraqi Freedom Veteran with a traumatic brain injury I received when I was sent through a brick wall by an RPG. Ranger is a full-blooded English setter and is the self-proclaimed "upervisor? of the shipping department. Ranger was donated to me by Mike Thompson of Eaglerock Setters in Butler, Pennsylvania. My old dog, Davey, was hit by a truck in late August, and as soon as Mike heard about my loss he contacted me to let me know he was giving me a pup. Without Mike, I cannot imagine what I would have done, and I am eternally grateful to Mike and his wife for doing this. Now, Ranger comes to work with me every day (a great perk working at LCS) and allows me the opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise many times a day. Besides being a fun work buddy, Ranger provides me with a way to calm down when I get upset and he helps me maintain a routine since I know to take my medicine when I feed him in the morning and at night.


    Ranger is growing by leaps and bounds since his arrival in July. The pictures are a great way to see that, and they provide a few good laughs as well. Ranger likes to chase anything with wings and, if I don't watch him closely, he will run into the swampy marsh behind our building. He is a sure pleasure to clean up. I love my dog very much and he is my best friend. Ranger and I are training right now to shed hunt and he loves to find and chew on an antler. He can't wait to get outside and run in the evening when we get home and he will chase a bumper for hours.

    Jim Schrock, LCS Shipping

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