LCS Universal Bird Launcher II

June 25, 2010 1 min read

I've been using the LCS Universal Bird Launcher for nearly two years when training my lab for quartering and steady-to-flush work. I like this launcher due to its compact size, attractive price, but most importantly, its reliability. For years I have struggled with temperamental launchers that only work half the time, and always seem to fail when it's critical they work.

This system will easily hold quail, pigeons, and chuckars and the strong spring design launches them high. A really nice feature of the Universal Bird Launcher is the new adjustable spring tension design. It is great when you are working with young dogs that are being introduced to launchers for the first time. The spring tension can be minimized for an incredibly quiet launch and keeping the bird lower so a young dog has a chance to see it. Conversely, the spring can quickly be adjusted to a stronger setting that is great for experienced dogs or when the trap is in heavier cover and you need to have it clear.

I used the system with the LCS electronics (two-button transmitter and receiver) that are very reliable. It is important to remember that both electronic components are water resistant and not waterproof. Don't leave your system out in the weather or use it in heavy, drenching rains.

The system is lightweight and easy to transport in your truck and into the field. The transmitters will allow you to program multiple launchers, which is handy as well. I like the price and as mentioned, the reliability of this system and highly recommend it.

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