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June 17, 2013 3 min read


I recently acquired one of the Lion Country Supply Better Stakeoutsin the standard 32? x " size. The rods are cold rolled steel, with a nice orange powder-coated finish that makes them very visible, even for a partially color blind guy like me. There is a tangle-proof arm that rotates a full 360 degrees and a 28? heavy-duty welded link chain with Italian brass snaps at both ends. This unit is designed to last.

After having this stakeout for a couple of weeks, I am wondering how I got along without one for so long? I've already come up with lots of uses for it.

If I'm working with both dogs in the same training session, one on the stakeout, the other one being trained. The dog that is on the stakeout learns as he watches the other dog being worked.

My wife and I took one of the dogs to a family picnic. Rather than having Brutus wandering around, begging for food, and driving everybody nuts, he was on the stakeout, close enough to everyone to still get some attention, but not so close as to be a pest.

It also works perfectly in the backyard with a cable tie out. The orange handle sticks up high enough that even my 17-year-old son sees it when he is mowing the grass.

I'm sure that all of the uses I've found for the stakeout are old news for more experienced trainers, but for someone like me who is new to training new uses are popping up all the time.

The only drawback that I've found is that I got the larger of the two models that Lion Country Supply sells. It takes a bit more effort and a bigger hammer to drive into the ground than the smaller one, and also takes a little more effort to remove it when not in use, but it certainly is secure. After having one of the dogs pull a smaller, low quality stake purchased from a pet supply superstore out of the ground, I wanted one big enough that I knew it would be secure. I'm positive I could attach all my dogs to the Lion Country Stakeout at the same time, and they would not pull it out of the ground.

Better Stake Out Small

LC Supply Better Stake Out Small

I do a lot of field trials and hunting with our beagles, and I hate to keep them cooped up in the dog box all day. When we have just a hound or two it makes no sense to lay out the chain gang, so I have gotten a couple of the Better Stake Outs Small. Not only are the BSOS lighter and take up less storage space than the full-sized BSO, but they are also much easier to put in and remove. The Better Stake Out Small (BSOS) is made from - steel rebar topped with a free swiveling welded loop and a ring to hook the chain. This is all powder coated with a bright orange paint to make it last much longer, look better and provide less of a chance to trip over or hit with a lawnmower. The supplied 34" chain is plenty long enough to give the dogs room to maneuver and take care of business without adding too much extra weight and lost storage space. Do not be fooled by the name, the small stakeout is plenty big enough to hold even my big coon hounds.

I have found stakeouts to be an indispensable tool. Anytime one or more of the dogs goes with us the stakeout and hammer go in the back of the car. It is a high quality product that is offered at a very reasonable price and gets used a lot. And it is made in the USA! We would not want to be without it.

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