Innotek Zones Wireless Pet Deterrent System

February 02, 2009 1 min read

Innotek Zones Pet Deterrent System

Reviewed by: Jack Sankey, LCS Telephone Specialist

If you have one or more areas in your home where you don't want your dog to be, the Innotek Zones pet deterrent system is a quick and easy answer to your problems. Placement of the transmitter in an area or on a certain object will keep your pet from trespassing into this area. Your pet will quickly learn that this area is "ff-limits’!
This is a truly hassle-free system to set up. (Even a "on-geek?, no-tech guy like me has no trouble with it.) No cords to run, no batteries to re-charge, etc. The collar is so compact and light that it will accommodate almost any breed. This system was the answer for me, and I find myself hardly ever yelling "ey, get out of there!" I personally recommend this unit.

*Note: This is a discontinued product. Please check out our other Innotek ContainmentSystems.

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