Annamaet Glycocharge Review

June 10, 2011 1 min read

by Andy Purnell - LCS Customer Service

Annamaet Glycocharge is one of the most useful products I have had a chance to use lately. We used it as directed every day during a week long trip to the great Northwoods of Maine. The effects on the dogs was absolutely amazing. I was able to run 3 young dogs every day for 6 days(they totaled at almost 90 miles per Garmin Astro track log)and we had no dogs that were not ready, willing and able to hunt any day of the week. The most important thing when using the Annamaet Glycocharge is to get it into the dog as soon as you can after running. I will be able to cut in half, the amount of dogs for the trip next year.

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