Ammunition - Lion Country Supply

Lion Country Supply offers a broad line of Fiocchi premium ammunition, including their very effective Golden Pheasant line of ammo in all gauges. Also check out our hard to find Spreader Loads. While you are here, you should see our gun cases and other shooting accessories.

Due to restriction from our merchant service, we are no longer able to list and sell ammunition online. For purchasing and ammo availability please give us a call at 1-800-662-5202.

Target Loads Field Loads Spreader Loads

Target Load Ammunition
Fiocchi Game and Target Polywad Vintager RST Best Grade Lite Classic

Field Load Ammunition
Fiocchi High Velocity Fiochhi Golden Pheasant Kent Shotshells Velocity Sporting Kent Pure Gold Shotshells RST Best Grade Woodcock

Spreader Ammunition
Polywad Spred-R Loads RST Best Grade Spreader Lite